2022 Seeing in the Dark: Photographic Images and Magical Imagination, Magickal Women Conference, London
2021 Sky in Legend and Tradition, The Fifteenth Legendary Weekend of The Folklore Society, Medieval Hall, Salisbury
2020 Folk Horror III, Peer Hat, Manchester
2018 Enchanted Encounters: Reaffirming a Magical Heritage.  Art, Materiality and Representation. Royal Anthropological Association, British Museum, and SOAS, London
2017 Witchcraft, Magic, and Photography.  Contemporary Art and Scholarship on the Esoteric Traditions, New York University
2017 Strange Attractor Artist talk, Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
2017 Of Shadows: Strange Attractor Artist talk, The Horse Hospital, London
2017 Ladybird Cinderella: Your House is on Fire. All about Cinderella: retellings in the cultural imagination, University of Bedfordshire
2017 Numinous, Ritual ‘Litter’ Redressed: The heritage of contemporary deposits, University of Hertfordshire
2017 A Charmed Life – Fertility Talismans, Healing Rituals and Funeral Tributes, Folklore from the Cradle to the Grave, University of Edinburgh.  
2017 London Fortean Society presents The Haunted Landscape: British Folklore and Ghosts, Conway Hall, London
2016 Photomonth Photobook Talk, London
2016 Witchcraft’s Artefacts, Treadwell’s, London
2016 Of Shadows: Witchcraft and Magic, South East London Folklore, London
2015 Calendar Customs & Seasonal Events, The Folklore Society Conference, University of Exeter
2015 Photography, Folklore and Some Confusions Talk by Sara Hannant and Doc Rowe, Walburg Institute, London